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How to Fix iPhone iMessages not Syncing On Mac

Sending a message is the easiest way to send some information to someone. iMessage is the one of best message service which works with internet data.Therefore you can use it with a free wifi zone when you are out of free credits. iMessage can connect to Mac. at this process, get  iMessages not syncing on mac error because of incorrect iMessages settings.

In this article, I will guide you to fix this iMessage not syncing on mac with easy steps. You can do it yourself without having any issues. Follow below guideline to fix this problem

Check and Fix iMessage setting on iPhone.

You need to check iMessage setting on iPhone; if the setting is wrong, you cannot sync iMessage with Mac

Go to Settings app on iPhone and tap on Messages Send & Receive > Under “YOU CAN BE REACHED BY IMESSAGE AT” >. 
In that section, your mobile number and email should be there. If not, you need to add both. And also, check mark should appear in front of email address and mobile number. You can add it by tap on it.

Check apple account email address

Go to this URL and login to apple account. Once you logged in there, you can see your email and mobile number in Account section. If it is not there, you need to add both.

Check the Mac iMessage details are similar

You need to check Mac user details are a match to your iPhone.

On mac Go to Messages app >  Preferences Accounts > Click Enable this account > Select the email address you have registered with the Apple ID when you create.

Turn off and turn iMessage again on the Mac and iOS device.

You need to turn off and turn back on iMessage on both devices.

iPhone, Go to Settings App > Message >  and tap on toggle button to turn iMessage off, Then wait few seconds and tap on toggle button to turn it on.
On Mac, Messages > Preferences > Accounts > Click Sign Out > Wait a few seconds then sign back into imessage with your Username and Password.

I hope all of these methods are very useful to you. If none of these methods does work for you, you can keep in touch with this post. Because once I get a new method, i will update this article as soon as possible.